Art projects

Our support and passion for New Zealand artists and their works extends to the collaboration of innovative projects with them.  


Rangi Kipa Wine Charms 

Rangi Kipa’s art has been significant in driving the resurgence in interest for Māori rituals and patterns, both within the Māori community and globally. Over a decade ago, he introduced coloured Corian Tikis, making customary Māori forms modern and instigated the revival of Tā Moko (Māori tattoo). Constantly pushing boundaries, he uses a wide range of media from whakairo (sculpture) to taonga puoro (Māori musical instruments) to Tā Moko, perpetuating Māori traditions by placing them in a contemporary context.
Made of zinc and enamel, these wine charms are part of a special commission by Bistro Gentil.

They reference each iwi group within the Māori community, reminding us of New Zealand’s rich, diverse cultural capital. Proceeds from the sale of the charms are split between Maori community projects and the Bois Gentil Kiwi creche.

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Shane Cotton Limited Edition Prints 

Shane Cotton is prominent amongst a generation of Māori artists that emerged in the 1980s and 1990s who were schooled in contemporary Western art styles and have explored their Māori identity.

Using symbols and images referring to significant events and issues in New Zealand’s history, such as those related to land ownership and the preservation of Māori culture, his works of the 1990s played part in that decade’s debates about bicultural identity and the politics of appropriation on post – colonial New Zealand. The imagery in his work, particularly from the mid 1990s onwards, draws on the interaction of Māori and Christian cosmology, particularly in the Northland (Ngāpuhi tribal) region of New Zealand. In the mid 2000’s, his perspective shifts from a concern with the land and its histories to the sky. Abandoning many of his trademark images, removing all reference to stable horizons and employing a nocturnal palette of blue and black, he opens up a new painted space evocative of a mythic spirit realm where birds speed and plummet.

His art features in many major collections and in 2008 he received an Arts Laureate Award from the New Zealand Arts Foundation and in 2012 he was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to the visual arts.

We were honoured to host Shane during a residency programme in December 2015. During this time, Shane utilised our print press in the Artpsace to create a limited series of four prints. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing works or becoming a stockist of any of our art projects.  


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